ACP#57 2nd Anniversary, e3 2017, Elon Musk updates, and SNES Classic

In the latest Late episode we talk about our past two years, e3 experiences and our time in Las Angeles, catch up to what Elon Musk has been up to, and finish with Nintendo SNES classic.

1:15 2 year anniversary and callbacks
7:09 Joon’s best memory
7:46 e3 experience end
9:33 Weird stuff
12:40 T2 booths
12:47 influencers
13:21 Crowds
15:39 News dropping before e3
16:05 more weird tech
19:50 peripheral controllers snes and the duke
22:11 Nintendo @e3 2017and con goers
26:55 e3 planning strategies
31:00 final thoughts on actually going to e3
34:00 meeting the games media
35:40 Worst burrito ever
37:00 Kojima Presentation at Youtube Live
40:10 How does media cover e3
40:20 “The best seat in the house at e3 is at home”
41:00 Joon’s fun LA is best part of the trip
41:45 Why LA has awesome Korean food
42:45 Game tour
43:10 Drunk Star Craft Korean Bar food and a Robbery in progress
47:35 Trejo’s donuts
51:10 steam sale
54:10 table top simulator
56:20 PUBG interview
58:20 Palmer’s virtual wall between US and Mexico
58:50 Palmer donated money to developer to make VR compatable
1:03:00 Minecraft 4k
1:04:40 Elon Musk
Spacex ties own record for most launches in a year
1:05:20 Elon Musk, can you dig it?
1:13:30 Samsung Fandom edition
1:19:10 lets cut it short
1:19:11 Tesla model S for houston commute
1:28:00 SNES Classic
1:35:50 Sealed envelope chances of regular person getting an SNES classic
1:36:30 Talking Point: Nintendo’s Repentant or not?
1:43:45 Star Fox 2 a must get?
In a neat twist, it would be during the production of Star Fox Command that Cuthbert was re-acquainted with his past, ill-fated project. “During development we received a copy of the mastered Star Fox 2 ROM to play, and it was quite a blast.” This ROM would have been the final game, complete with QA tweaks and ready for a release that never happened. Cuthbert is keen to point out that this version is far superior to the numerous leaked prototype ROMs which are currently doing the rounds on the web – the leaking of which has been erroneously attributed to himself. “There are a few ROMs on the net in various conditions,” he states. “But the ones I checked out are all old and they don’t have the randomizing Rogue-like stuff working or all the encounters in place, so you don’t really get the feel of the game we were making.”

Thanks for listening!

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