ACP#54 Special Guest Jahananon, board games Samurai Jack, and Power Rangers

This week we have a special guest Jahananon.
We talk Jon Tron, e3 hopes, board games, Samurai Jack Season 5, Magic the Gathering Amonkhet set, and review power Rangers and more!

Jahananon intro
@rockfact on twitter

Big Strong Game Guys

7:35 Jon Tron & Yooka-Laylee
16:30 Colbert in the Hobbit
23:00 Paragon or Renegade online
27:20 Destiny talk shop
30:20 upcomming news
30:45 Destiny 2 (Des2ny)
33:40 e3
35:15 Star Craft Remaster
39:45 new generation playing the classics
44:30 e3 again
47:15 Nier Automata
54:15 God of War expectations
56:45 God of War BETS
1:03:30 Mass Effect Andromeda impressions
1:12:45 For Honor
1:15:45 CD Project red and Cyberpunk 2077
1:20:00 Lights out
1:22:20 Train to Busan is on netflix and for $1 on Google Play
1:22:55 IronFist on Netflix and sum up previous Marvel Netflix series
1:28:00 Board Games suggestions
1:32:30 Gamestore recommendations
8th dimension
Dragon’s lair
1:34:00 Board Game Bento
Pixel Glory
Portal 2
One deck Dungeon
1:35:30 Splendor
1:35:20 Room 25
1:39:00 DnD Next (5th edition)
1:40:15 Brad
1:46:00 https://www.kiiroo.com/launch/
1:53:00 Samurai Jack http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0278238/
2:00:00 Pokemon Nostalgia
2:02:45 Spiderman Homecoming
2:04:35 Death Note Netflix and other Japanese imports
2:15:35 Venom Movie
2:19:00 Leak Rick and Morty April 24, 2017
2:21:00 Amonkhet Spoilers
2:31:00 Power Rangers

Thanks for listening!

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