Nintendo Switch, Zelda Breath of the Wild, CIA wiki leaks, the Trolling of Shia LeBeouf.

1:50 CIA wiki dump
5:10 meme wars division
7:10 private sector memes
14:15 terrible idea hackathon
17:00 Outcognito mode chrome extention
18:40 Smart cock ring
21:30 Sausage Windchime
22:30 Shia Le Beouf
37:30 Middle Earth Shadow of War and some Tolkein backstory
47:15 Nintendo Switch
51:15 Hardware review
1:18:45 Nintendo Switch predictions
1:29:15 Zelda BotW the genre Blender and Alex’s take
1:37:00 PSP reflections
1:42:00 Nam’s thoughts on BotW
1:52:30 Joon’s take on Zelda
2:13:30 Alex’s Shrine
2:20:15 BotW is GOAT (Greatest of all Time)
2:22:45 Logan Quick take

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