ACP 52 John Wick 2, Nokia, and Fire Emblem Heroes

We have our thoughts on John Wick Chapter 2 and other myriad stories from around the web! e3 opens its doors to the public, Nokia is back with an indestructible vengeance, Fire Emblem Heroes, and that Felix guy.

0:30 intro
2:15 Harrison ford
4:00 Drone taxis
6:00 Jet guys

7:40 Bee Team is composed of robos

15:45 e3 opens its doors to the mass public
19:15 Nokia 3310
Nokia flashing lights

30:00 http://www.ebay.com/itm/172504352676
Harambe Cheeto
Why did Time post about this?

32:30 Live Roach in someones head
video https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2775190/gruesome-footage-shows-moment-doctors-remove-live-cockroach-from-womans-skull-after-she-complained-of-a-tickling-sensation-in-her-head/

34:30 Samsung’s chromebook Pro

Careful with usb connections

46:30 Dispicable technologies Card reader at gas pumps

51:20 Fire Emblem Heroes

1:00:00 Pewdiepie and the

Pewdiepie response

1:17:30 John Wick Chapter 2 Review
1:24:30 John Wick Economy
1:30:30 The Man from Nowhere fighting homages
1:35:00 Keanu Reeves acting
1:36:30 Original screen play writer on the Q&A podcast
1:40:00 A Series of Unfortunate (Events) Tangents [Netflix] recommended*
1:42:00 John Wick Economy Revisited

Thanks for listening!

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