ACP 51 PAX South,i Poker, and Split review

We’re back after PAX South 2017 with a quick run through. Super Hot VR experiences, new poker ai can beat your dad at poker, can you handle Boston Dynamic’s Handle?, ai talking to each other, pig men, and our review of Split (the latest movie by M Night Shyamalan.

Intro and PAX Thoughts
Pub crawl
4:30 Board Game

8:30 HP Omen X commercial

21:00 Wrathborne
23:30 http://levelupdice.net/
26:30 Passing out
29:20 True Dungeon
31:00 End PAX
31:00 Games Workshop and Warhammer 40k
37:00 Super Hot VR
45:00 Pro ai poker
follow up
54:15 Boston Dynamics Handle http://digg.com/2017/boston-dynamics-handle-robot
58:00 Google Homes talking to each other

58:45 Pigmen
108:15 Upcoming science!
1:09:30 Visa ban
1:15:30 3D tv are dead long live VR
1:24:00 Split review
1:46:30Joon recommends “I saw the Devil” (2010)

Thanks for listening!

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