ACP#50 Nintendo Switch and Final 2016 thoughts!

Episode 50! We round out 2016 and start off the year with The Nintendo Switch announcement!

0:00 Intro and final bets
6:30 Last minute speculations
9:00 Audio Quality intensifies
9:20 China picking on South Korea
10:40 South Korea’s Gundams
13:30 Chinese buys american City (properties)
Also see Chinese tourism.
Also see Chinese tourism.
15:20 CES 2017
19:00 CES: LG TV W-Series
22:25 Sony infinite screen
27:40 2016 Year in review Games
33:00 Mobile without remorse (aka pay to win)
37:30 Joon may become a Wonder Boy speed runner (not his playthrough)
38:15 Live Terra Battle pulls Pact of Truth
41:15 2016 Year in review Movies/Series
47:00 New Years Eve Final 2017 moments
51:00 Elon Musk 6 day hot fix  
54:15 Elon Musk is a super villain?
55:30 Oculus Touch
59:00 Vive @ CES 2017
1:07:00 Waiting for the Nintendo announcement
1:09:15 Back from the announcements
1:09:40 Bet Slapped
1:13:30 Mario Odyssey
1:17:40 Octopath Traveler
1:19:00 Breath of the Wild
1:25:00 Battery time and USB C
1:33:30 Mario Odyssey reveal
1:41:00 Persona Reveal
1:41:30 Octopath Traveler
1:43:30 Skyrim
1:44:15 Suda 51

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