ACP#47 Mars, Google conference, and Luke Cage

We’ve got a packed episode this week as we prepare to go to Mars, discussing Google’s next foray into our private lives with their future products, and Luke Cage impressions up to episode 4.

Time Stamps
0:00 Delays
2:40 Live with Youtube gaming
4:15 Live vs G4
9:20 (Elon Musk) Get(s) your ass to Mars
21:30 Alex seeks employment on Mars
25:20 Bring a gun to mars, local planetary government, Mars sheriff
30:50 Risk of bacterial Martians
34:40 Big Brother: Mars edition
40:20 Head Transplant
47:30 The Big Short
50:00 Famicom mini
58:30 Nn Man’s Sky UK false advertising litigation
1:00:00 Google conference
1:01:30 Instagram glasses to privacy
1:03:20 government vs privacy
1:04:00 Health insurance
1:08 privacy continued
1:09:30 The imperfect employee
1:13:00 PokéMugging
1:21:00 Google home and privacy
1:32:40 Google pixel is a sell out
1:38:00 Smart House
1:41:30 Smart phone food delivery
1:46:00 Luke Cage discussions(up to Ep4)

Thanks for listening!

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