ACP#45 Mankind Divided, Harambe, anime, and alien signals

This we talk about Harambe, Deus Ex impressions and review, Stranger Things, GMOs, Neil Tyson Beef, anime update, space signals, and the Rock vs Trump.

Time Stamps
2:45 Harambe lives on in our memories
5:00 Deus Ex impressions
12:45 Deus ex history
19:55 Topic: Are Big Openings important in videogames?
37:00 Close your apartment door
45:00 end of Deus Ex Doom 10/10 Doom 9.5/10
49:30 Stranger Things
55:00 GMO conversation
1:02:00 Neil Tyson Beef
1:06:00 Seven Deadly Sins
1:08:00 Food Wars update
1:14:00 Giant alien mega structure
1:20:00 Can the Rock gather Political campaign contributions or can he cook up his own?

Thanks for listening!

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