ACP#44 Suicide Squad, No Man’s Sky, Metal Gear Survive

Joon gets his One Piece account back. Tiny tower is also back. Marketing buzzwords is constantly triggering Joon. Is China’s satellite Roaming Dragon a Trojan Horse? VR is helping paralyzed people. No Man’s Sky is having a hard time and an unhappy fan base along with impressions. Metal Gear Survive is the only news able to claw its way out of Gamescom news cycle. Casino slots are doing a great job with new screen technology. Suicide Squad Review.

0:00 intro
2:00 One Piece account get
6:30 Tiny Tower is back on Android
8:50 Joon is Triggered
12:30 Diamond HDMI Cables
20:00 amazon review of Welcome to Nightvale novel amazon reviews
22:00 Why is it called a gaming chair?
35:40 China’s sattelite Roaming Dragon
40:30 Japan vs america robot fight
45:30 VR walker and prosthetics
55:00 Olympics recap
1:00:00 No Man Sky hate
1:11:00 impressions
1:15:00 Metal gear suvive
1:31:20 Casino Slots RNG
1:39:00 Suicide Squad Review

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