ACPictures: The Wailing

This week we talk about “The Wailing” which is the latest Korean film to get distribution in the US. This recording is more of a plot analysis than a movie review.

100% Rotten Tomatoes
90% Audience

0:00 Lead in and intro
6:00 Analysis
27:45 Splice of more theories
33:00 Afterthoughts

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Joon’s Notes

Woman was an angel
Jap and the Exorcist was working/possessed for/by the devil.
They were trying to possess the girl, with the demon, akuma, so that she can kill the family for the sacrifice. The angel put up a barrier and possessed the girl so that she can fight off the demon that is possessing the girl.
Notice how the angel didnt comeback for the entire time this was happening.

Since the demon couldn’t fully possess the girl the Exorcist break the barrier put up by the angle. (The crow). And because of the angel was fighting the demon inside her, he also had to remove the angel. Have the 2nd “Exorcist show?” Because they couldn’t remove it the 1st time, they had to just kill the angel by killing the girl. Yes the 2nd Exorcist was to put a killing hax on the girl.

Thankfully the father stopped it from happening, but the angel did come out. Mean while this was happening the Japanese shaman was trying to sacrifice the dead guys soul ( the one that killed his family and died in the car). The angel possessed the shaman while that Exorcist was trying to kill the angel by killing the little girl. So the nailing and the hammering was also hurting the shaman. This threw off the viewers to make it think like the Exorcist was doing his job, but in reality, he didn’t know he was hurting or killing the shaman as well.

Angel can only help the non sinners. Knowing this, the Exorcist tell the father to kill the shaman. He probably knew that shaman couldn’t be killed, but in a attempt of doing so, he sins.

After the shaman fell off the cliff he finally sees the angel that was protecting the family. For her to stop protecting them, he jumped in front of the truck in order to make him a sinner.

“The ant has fallen in to a trap”

Since then the angel couldn’t protect the family anymore and then on the girl seemed “fine”, but was fully possessed by the demon at this point.

The Exorcist goes to the familys house to take a picture of the victims and sacrifice the souls to the demon, and that’s when he finally was confronted by the angel.

She scares him away to the point where he was going to run away to Seoul. When doing so, the demon was punishing him for running away, so he starts to go back to the families’ house.

Since the angel couldn’t protect the family or go near the sinner (the father) she lures the girl out in a hopes that it will lure the father out as well. And it worked. Since the sinner wasnt near the girl, she can then get rid of the bad spirit or the devil out of the house. She does this with that bell flower.

The angel tells him to wait until the cock crows 3 times, by then the demon should unpossessed the girl.

In confusion on who to trust. After goes in the house before the 3rs crow. That’s when you see the bell flower witting away. When the sinner father enters the house. Since the hax is now dispelled the girl kills the entire family.

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