ACP#40 e3 roundup and favorite movie discussion

e3 round up, news, and discussions.
Microsoft, Bethesda, Nintendo, and the crowd favorite SONY!
We discuss the future of e3 and our favorite announcements.
Discussion this week is our all time favorite movies.

0:00 Xbox conference and Scorpio and Slim
7:00 Hardware just became relevent again
10:00 XBOX on PC
13:00 Nintendo Treehouse
15:30 “Trans-genre”
21:30 Legend of Zelda Joon’s awakening
25:00 Amiibos!
26:30 Alex considers Nintendo NX?!!?!?!?
32:00 e3 validity in the future
33:30 Ubisoft Watchdog 2
42:00 Quick run through of e3 highlights
Fallout 4 + HTC vive
Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard
Bethesda Dishonored 2
44:00 First NX game announcement!
45:20 CoD vs Battle field 1 split
47:30 new EA leagues
50:25 Battle Field 1
52:00 Titanfall 2
53:00 Sony Press Conference
55:00 Live streams are the future?
1:13:00 We get heated
1:16 God of War: Old Man Kratos
1:25 Hideo keeps coming
1:29 Discussion: Favorite Movie of all time

Thanks for listening!

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