ACP#39Pre-e3 news and Overwatch chat

In the last couple days before e3 we recap some expectations. Overwatch chat. VR and 360 video discussion. pre-e3 news recap, our theories, expectations, and more!

1:00 planned leak or early release
2:45 Overwatch has 7 Million players already, expanding the user base, and attracting new players, and drip feeding you the adrenaline.
10:00 dicking around in Overwatch
14:25 upcomming game balances
17:30 MLGilos
18:00 Overwatching the cheaters
25:00 Steam Sale
25:30 Xmen and the status of the summer movies
35:00 VR sculpting
37:15 Titanic VR
45:00 360 video
50:00 yeti is getting sued
55:00 coolaid binge
1:01:00 e3 Nintendo rumors are wild
1:07:00 $200 vr ready graphics card AMD RX 480
1:11:30 Shenmue the movie
1:20:00 hyped about Assassins creed
1:21 Square-enix e3 lineup looks great
1:33 dying light . . . of PS VR
1:35 2077 delayed to 2017
1:36 Bethesda line up announced
1:42 Playstation e3 experience

Thanks for listening!

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