ACP#38 HTC Vive + Games, Google i/o,e3 predictions

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We talk Vive VR, Overwatch, Google i/o, and the run up to e3!

Time Stamps
1:00 Joon’s Vive came in and we take it for a spin!
Oculus Rift problems
Budget cuts
Job simulator
13:00 Tilt Brush (Google’s VR paint)
Out of ammo
15:30 Future predictions for VR
19:00 AR theme park “The Void” 
22:43 !@#$ the rift 3 strikes and you’re out
35:00 Google i/o recap, soli, Android N, cardboard, daydreams, android wear
52:30 OVERWATCH Launch
1:01:00 Skeptic reaction to VR maybe coming
1:09:00 Uncharted 4
1:11:30 Cyberpunk 2077 update
1:15:00 e3 predictions run up
1:21:30 extended outro

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