ACP#37 South Korea, Japan, e3 outlook

Happy Anniversary!
This week we talk about our recent travels.
News drops and 1 month out from e3!

Time Stamps
2:30 1 Year anniversary
Go get you Shiny Xernias from the nintendo network!
5:00 South Korea visit
20:01 Japan visit
24:00 Eating Tofu at a steakhouse
25:00 Truluck’s Seafood Steak & Crab House (Alex recommended for lobster)
28:00 E3 reminiscing
31:00 e3 bintendo
39:00 Activision
43:00 sankakucomplex.com

e3 expectations round up
44:00 Who is showing up for e3?
46:30 Elder scroll online
48:48 EA trashing
Battlefield FPS with story mode
59:20 Ubisoft
1:04:30 Square Enix
1:09:00 Microsoft
1:23:00 AMD PC event
1:24:00 Overwatch final beta thoughts
1:37:00 Overwatch story?
1:41:30 Thanks for everyone thats been on last year

Thanks for listening!

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