Welcome to the Anorak Cafe Podcast #35! This week we go over the new Overwatch teaser trailer and the Tracer controversy. Tesla model 3 gets unveiled and Joon gets excited. Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV firmly sets a release date. SEPTEMBER 30, 2016!
0:30 Quick news overview TIDAL, panama papers, Hulkamania is unstoppable
9:40 Overwatch Short#2 alive
13:30 Tracer Butt controversy
24:00 Joon gets excited for Mark Hamill’s return as Joker for “The Killing Joke”
26:30 Tesla III gets released with caveates; we discuss Tesla company strategies, production plans, and electric vehicle pros and cons.
31:15 Tesla III specs
50:00 Final Fantasy XV event; anime, movie, Platinum demo
1:12:00 shiva ffxiii summon
1:14:20 shout out to the Easy Allies
1:21:30 ultimate edition NRFTB
Thanks for listening!

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