ACP#31 PAX South, GoT Pubcrawl, MTG OGW

We talk bout or PAX South experiences. Things we saw, games we played, ect.

PAX day 0 Oath of the night’s watch

15:00 winning Need for Seat chair

17:00 Unicorn Man

23:15 Just Shapes and Beats

26:30 Dreadnaught

33:15 Twitch party
35:00 San Antonio food


43:00 Japanese games and Gods Eater 2 rage burst

45:30 Oculus Rift Joons Hands on

50:15 PAX arcade MVC2

54:30 Quick gaming news updates

Bonus PAX game previews
1:04:30 Lords of New York with Dan Higgins

1:10:30 Sanity Razor

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