ACP#30 Movies update, getting oculus ready, VR predictions

Our condolences to the families of the recently deceased; Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister, and Glen Frey.

Quick thoughts on our Holiday watch list: “Narcos” and “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”, “The Revnant”, “The Hateful Eight”, “The Golden lobes”, “Elvis and Nixon”, “Hail, Ceasar!”, “10 Cloverfield Lane”. Is Jim Carrey’s drama acting on par?

CES 2016 was a letdown, but we look onto the upcoming VR releases.
Is the Playstation VR $800 USD as Amazon slipped or was it a bundle? Will PSVR be independent or need a console? Vive won’t work because gamers want to sit and be lazy.

Fig is an investing platform for your ordinary Joe with who makes $200,000 a year or has $1 million in the bank.

Brace yourselves, the next .com bubble is coming.

Joon’s rig specs
Core i7 6 core
GTX 970
$1259.94 PC
$599 Oculus Rift

Nam is preparing his body of VR.
Udemy.com Unity programming course

Hide your kids, hide your wife, cause Microsoft is gonna come looking for you homeboy!

We will be at PAX South! Say hi!
If you recognize us at the pubcrawl we will buy you a shot.

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