Anorak Cafe #26 Episodic Content, Samurai Jack is back, The Game Awards, Reuleaux wismec, and One Punch Man

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving guys!

The game awards just happened and we talk about some of the goings on. Can Suda51 become the new “Big Boss”? While Konami is the new bad guy EA keeping a low profile.

Mark Hamill being a bad ass at the game awards.

What The Game Awards does right!
Playstation experience dives into Episodic games content and distribution.

The end of nerdiness as we know it patton oswalt. http://www.wired.com/2010/12/ff_angrynerd_geekculture/

Original director vision is essential to the work being art vs crowd sourced directing.

MMOs give power to the players through balance.

Rasberry pi zero (the $5 PC) is smarter than nukes!

On a space station hawking streamboxes.

Samurai Jack is back!
Cross dressing Sailor Moon is better than lesbian Sailor Moon.

3d printing Robbie the Robot and troubleshooting him.

Reuleaux wismec!

History shows you your friends are jackasses.

One punch man Nabeshin and obscure anime references!

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