Sorry about the audio after about 30 min mark. Something happened to the settings while we were recording.

This week we are talking about MTG, PAX South, murder of Hitchbot, some browser games, and much much more.

We are having a 1st ed Toad amiibo give-a-way. Rules are very simple: 1 like and follow our wordpress page. 2 Follow us on twitter. 3. We will tweet about the give away on twitter, Share it. 4 Submit the answer to the question to:

The audio part for the question is messed up, so we will post the question on Facebook. If you can’t understand the question, See you there.

Here’s the link to our FB page.

If you are the winner, we will announce it on our next week’s podcast, so make sure to follow us to find out if you’re the winner.

Follow us on Twitter: @anorakcafe


And now on Stitcher too!!:

You can contact us via our E-mail:

If you have question, concerns, or just want to tell us something, shoot us an E-mail.

Love to answer some questions you guys might have.

If you would like to be on ACP as a guest, let us know.

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